A public speaker has to be enthusiastic, engaging, relatable and unforgettable.
Stephanie brings a fresh, positive, yet professional approach to you in person and online. 

In Person / Online:

She has presented to significant Organisations, Employees, Students and Small Businesses on a range of topics;

  • Mindfulness in the Workplace (Four week Course)

  • Workplace Bullying and Harassment (training) 

  • Employee Morale, Motivation and Resilience (Seminar)

  • Overcoming Food Jail & Body Image Concerns (Workshop taught at Retreats)

  • Coping with Stress and Thriving (Seminar / Workshop)

  • Mindset Matters (Seminar)

Live Streaming and Social Media

Times are fast changing and many requests are performed through live streams, either on your social media platform (instagram / Facebook) or Telehealth (zoom / skype). Different audiences and demographics respond to different means of communication. Contact Stephanie to find out how she can assist you in elevating your business or organisation in a way that promotes mental health and wellbeing.


Online Courses

Want to undertake an online self-development course?
Stephanie offers two to four week courses that can either be undertaken by anyone at anytime

She can also create a course to suit your needs - just enquire on the link below.

Courses include

Food Freedom - End Binge Eating for Good (12 week course)
Are you an emotional eater? Do you find yourself eating super healthy then loose control once you break your "diet"?

You are not alone and you can end binge eating for good. This is a hands on course that is interactive, educational and practical. It guaranties results as long as you are ready to change. You will receive one on one coaching with Stephanie Georgiou that will change your life in a way you never thought possible.

You must be fully committed and prepared to take a risk and don’t worry, I am here to support you the whole way through.

Got another idea?

Stephanie caters to your needs. Simply complete the contact form by clicking on the enquire link below and let Stephanie suggest what might be best for your current needs.

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Public Speaking
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