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in just 28-days, you will completely re-set your mindset!

The TRUTH about attracting the life you always wanted is not just in what you do, but more importantly, in how you think.

Imagine a life where negative thoughts did not control you?

Imagine being able to re-wire your brain to think more positively?

What would it feel like to be able to respond to situations instead of react?

What you you spend your time thinking about if it wasn’t worst case scenario?

I use to think I have to ‘DO more’ to feel better about myself and my life.

I would get so down, compare myself to others and worry about the future.

Until I discovered the MINDSET ‘RESET’ METHOD.

I used this system on myself to:


  • Overcome an eating disorder

  • Become a psychologist with 4-degrees

  • Attract my dream relationship

  • Build a remote business and moved state

  • Became a published author

I started the mindset reset 30 day challenge in 2020 during the pandemic and here is what others had to say about it!


How did I do this?


A concept called ‘brain re-training’. You have been programmed to think negative. Your brain is designed to survive and not thrive.

I teach you a process called Cognitive Restructuring to re-wire the way you think to change the way you feel and act!

So if you struggle with anxiety, self-doubt, low-confidence and social comparison - I’m speaking to you!

I know you want to attract, create, and live a life in line with your goals and values… so pay close attention!

The issue is, many people think they have to change their situation in order to feel happy.
When I get more money, when I land a new job or when I lose weight.


But nothing could be further from the truth and evidence based research!

It is actually your thoughts that control every single aspect of your life!

How often do you believe:

  • You CAN conquer your anxiety and reach your full potential…

  • You CAN go to the gym even if you are not motivated…

  • You CAN step away from negative thoughts and be free from comparison and judgment…

  • You CAN stop beating yourself up and pick yourself up

And the best part?

It’s a process you learn ONCE that sticks with you forever, in all areas of your life.

You just need to be given the right information by the right person who is qualified at the right time…

What you need is…

A proven formula that is evidence-based and worked with many people just like you!

Here’s what makes it different

Traditional self-help methods focus on thinking positive without teaching you how to retrain your brain or re-wire your nervous system when you are activated.

I am a psychologist who has spent over a decade mastering the art of brain-retraining.

“The RESET METHOD,” shows you how to “re-train” your brain and create new neuroplasticity so your default pattern of thinking changes altogether! 

Until you have this SYSTEM and use it in your life, your life will not change!
Change your thoughts - change your life.

Once you understand HOW to re-wire your brain, life will feel easier, less overwhelming and more enjoyable!

Does that sound like something you’d want to do?

What if you could do all of this in just 30-days?

Introducing my 30-day Mindset Reset Program 

It’s a step-by-step blueprint that shows you how to retrain your brain, reset your nervous system and think your way to a better quality of life.

When you enroll in the 30-Day Mindset reset, here is what you will receive:

“30-Day Mindset Reset Challenge” ($997 Value)


Week 1: The 'Thought Audit' Process

  • Recognise psychological distress and calm your nervous system

  • Build psychological awareness of negative habits

  • The different types of stress in the brain


Week 2: The Secret to Changing Beliefs

  • Challenge your thoughts by putting them on trial

  • Examine your thoughts rather than react to them

  • Construct new, effective thoughts instead.

  • Become responsive instead of reactive


Week 3: Thinking Traps That Keep You Stuck

  • The 10 most common unhelpful thinking patterns.

  • How to prevent yourself from going down a negative thought spiral.

  • How to stop jumping to conclusions and thinking the worst case scenario.

  • Re-training your brain to see the world through a different perspective.


Week 4: Unlocking Your Subconscious Beliefs

  • Ask deeper questions to understand subconscious beliefs

  • Identify core beliefs that perpetuate maladaptive coping

  • Break negative patterns of behaviour that keep you stuck

  • Use neuroplasticity to your advantage by re-training your brain





I know you will love this course, so if during the 30 day course you are not happy, I will offer you a full refund!


  • How long does it take to go through the training material?
    The course was designed so you could go through all of the material in 4 weeks.
  • Do I need to show up anywhere live?
    No. Everything is online and ready to go at your own pace and to your own schedule. We do recommend completing 1 module per week.
  • How long will it take to get access the course?
    Straight away. After you put in your payment information, you’ll receive a link where you can create a log in.
  • Who is this course for?
    Anyone who is feeling they need a mindset reset. If you are feeling flat, overwhelmed, anxious or uninspired - this is for you! It is also for anyone looking for professional development from a registered psychologist.
  • What makes this course different to other self help courses?
    This course was created by a registered psychologist and board approved supervisor with over 10 years experience. It is based in empirical research and combines a range of evidence based strategies.
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