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If you love my videos, this course is the investment you need right now!

Learn how to re-train your subconscious beliefs, overcome anxiety and gain confidence!

  • Overcome negative beliefs and feel free

  • Re-wire your subconscious thoughts

  • Feel more in control and confident

  • Gain energy and motivation!


NOTE: JOIN TODAY and get UNLIMITED access to our 30 day challenges for 1 year ($997 value).

The 30-Day Mindset Reset Course is 4 easy modules designed to re-train your brain and enhance any area of your life!

Throughout this course you will:

  • Learn to manage your mindset by understanding the link between thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

  • Retrain you subconscious brain using evidence based psychological techniques.

  • Regulate your emotions more effectively, alleviate anxiety and manage stress.

  • Feel free from worry, low-self esteem and an unhealthy relationship with food and your body.

Group challenges:
Whilst this is a self-paced course, Steph runs Q&A zooms in group challenges.
You will be invited to participate when they occur at no extra cost!

If you don't change your mindset now, then when?

Mindset Reset Challenge Online Course

$497.00 Regular Price
$397.00Sale Price
  • Note: This course is not therapy and not a substitute for medical or psychological support.

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